Bente Ibenfeldt with the singers Annette Heick and Jesper Lundgaard


Pascal and Louly Magis together with Bente Ibenfeldt at Gallery  Nuit in Aalborg June 2005. Pascal Magis felt inspired by Bente's komposition "Romance for a Prince" to paint a color symphony



Music across the borders.  

From Moscow to The Azores sounds the music of Bente Ibenfeldt.

October 2002 – by journalist Bjørn Loudrup.


It is and has always been hard to succeed in Denmark especially if you’re outstanding which probably has to do with the special Danish mentality of just doing things “good enough”. If anybody dares to diverge from that standpoint and do things outstanding from the norms it immediately makes people feel discomfortable and the average reaction will be to ignore him or her. Never the less history has shown many outstanding Danes being recognized as soon somebody from outside Denmark laid eyes on them. Just that has happened to The Danish composer Bente Ibenfeldt. From having struggled several years to succeed in her own country, foreigners has recognized the quality in her music and to day it is played from Moscow in the east to The Azores Islands at the west. 



In the passed Summer Denmark was visited by The Military Music Conservatory Orchestra of Moscow. They immediately took the composition “A Song For Alexandra” to their hearts and played it several times during their visit. But it was not only to their heart they took her composition they also brought it with them back to Moscow.

Jørgen & Bente Ibenfeldt - Oberst Sergay Gryaznov

It quite makes one think and reflect when an organization with responsibility for the education of all military musicians in the enormous territory of Russia – There is a constant number of approximately 30.000 military musicians in the country – can have enjoyment with, interest in and use for the Danish composition.


The Azores.

During my visit to the Azores in July – August this year I lived in the village Nordeste located at the northeast side of the island Sa. Miguel. I discovered that this small village has a harmony orchestra which has existed for 141 years. 

Filarmonica Eco Edificante

Filarmónica Eco Edificante is the name. The Orchestra’s conductor is Professor at The Music Conservatory in the town of Ponta Delgada Yury Pankiv. At a weekly rehearsal I presented him with a couple of Bente Ibenfeldt’s compositions such as “A Song For Alexandra” and Gråsten March to which the composer had given her permission to be played under the name of  Nordestino Marcha”. The joy, gratitude and enthusiasm not only the professor but also the soloist trumpeter Troufete Carlos Arruda, The Music Company’s president Joaó Manuel Rafoso Medeiros and all the rest of the ensemble showed up was unbelievable.

Soloist Trumpeter Troufete Carlos Arruda og Maestro Professor Yury Pankiv

A few seconds after Professor Pankiv had the arrangements in his hand he was immediately busy with transcription of a couple of voices to another key. Approximately 35 minutes after the handover the orchestra was enthusiastic rehearsing “A Song For Alexandra” and I had a wonderful feeling of joy watching them and listening to their achievements.

The Rest Of The World.

It is interesting that after these events the analytic statistic for visits at Bente Ibenfeldt’s web-site has changed remarkably and shown a lot of international curiosity especially at the two compositions mentioned in this article and even The Azores is only half way to America there have been a lot of hits and search form The United States. Funny isn’t it? Even the famous German TV-Station NDR has 1st of September bought a long interview with Bente Ibenfeldt. It seems that she finally is getting the recognition she and her music really deserves.



Homage to Princess Alexandra

Bente Ibenfeldt,  composer and organist has in cooperation  with  Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester recorded a CD which contains her own compositions.

The title of this  maxi-CD is ” A Song for Alexandra ”.

Bente Ibenfeldt  has composed four beautiful melodies in the romantic genre,

of which the title melody is a homage to Princess Alexandra, who is married to

Prince Joachim of  Denmark. The obvious infatuation and love between the two young people was the inspiraton for the composer.

In August 1999  Hans Nielsen from “ Focus Recording” in Copenhagen,  came with his mobile recording studio, to “Musikhuset” in Sønderborg, where the recording of the CD took place.

The Symphony Orchestra, was conducted by Morten Ryelund Sørensen, violinist, who was educated at The Royal Music Academy in Copenhagen, and later studied conduction at St. Petersburg.

Bo Fuglsang from ”Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester” is solo trumpeter on two numbers, “A Song for Alexandra” and “Song for Pelle”

Bente Ibenfeldt is pianosoloist on “Romance for a Prince”, and “Ballade pour Camilla”.

The rhythm group consists of the well known bass-player and jazzmusician Mads Vinding, the guitarplayer Per Kamp and the swedish drummer Roger Berg, and the composer herself on the grand piano.

Flemming Neergaard from Sønderborg, has arranged all the melodies for symphony orchestra.

The composition “A song for Alexandra” was first  perfomed in

Nov.1996 by Bente Ibenfeldt and solo trumpeter Per Nielsen at a concert

in “Sønderjyllandshallen” with the famous german organist Franz Lambert.

In May 14. 1998 the melody was also played at a spring concert that

took place in “Frederiksberg Rådhus” by “Sjællandske Livregiments Musikkorps”, conducted by Ib Jespersen, and arranged by Knud Graugaard. Solo trumpeter was Per Hyttel.

Concert organizer IMMS:. International Military Music Society

The official publication of the CD took place Nov.2. 1999 on a place called

“Sdr. Hostrup Kro”, near the town of Aabenraa.

At the same place, only two years before, the organist Bente Ibenfeldt played for Princess Alexandra at a dinner banquet.

Bente Ibenfeldt took her education as an organist at “Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium in Århus”.

Further information  Bente Ibenfeldt, Tingvej 16, 6070 Christiansfeld

tlf. +45 74562234 or +45 40193234

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